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In the heart of Lombardia, in the municipality of Cologno al Serio, Bergamo province, in an area of 175,000 m2 is situated one of the most modern and well-equipped skeet shooting fields, the idea and project of famous shooter, Renato Lamera.

The centre that is currently under construction will have an infrastructure that will allow the practice of almost all shooting styles. When finished, there will be 10 fields, eight of them will be Olympic Traps, reversible to Universal Trap and the remaining four will be used for "compak sporting, double trap and skeet". There will also be 10 rifle range shooting lines of 200/300/400 metres as well as a rifle shooting centre with approximately 20 shooting ranges between 10-25 metres.

Large green spaces, designed with environmental architecture have already been prepared behind the future shooting fields. A spacious car park covering an area of 40,000 m2 boasts over 600 parking places. A noise reduction wall of 12 metres high and a collection area for fired bullets (already undertaken lmt 500) are placed 120 metres away from the shooting range.

In the original project design, accommodating structures were taken into account including: administrative offices, shooting rooms, TV room, press room, armoury (will be open from the beginning of 2008 - cartridges won't be sold until then), convention hall for 140 people, restaurant, bar, extensive porches, places and games for kids and a convention residential hotel with 60 rooms controlled by the sporting federations.

The Sports Centre opened in April 2007, with its four Olympic Trap shooting fields and two for "compak sporting"; work is continuing to complete the other areas.

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Tiro a volo dinamico - i video di renato Lamera
  The VHS and DVD of the Dynamic Shooting Exhibition, and the book "Un bersaglio in cielo", a guide for every Olympic Trap shooter.  
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